gregory david design

My design career started because of a scheduling fluke way back in highschool. I signed up for woodshop the semeseter before construction began on Walpole High, and the next year when classes started, the room the woodshop was supposed to be in was not ready. They made that the graphic design room, and stuck me in there. After that first class I fell in love. I knew what I wanted to do with my life right then and there.

Fast forward a bit and I graduated from Umass Dartmouth with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts wtih concentrations in Graphic Design & Letterform. After college, I needed money to start paying my bills so I went back to my usual summer job doing HVAC. After a year or so of doing that, I decided it was time to start looking for a design job and got hired at Vistaprint. For 8.5 years, Vistaprint was my design carreer, with the occasional freelonce job here and there. Working for Vistaprint was tough because it was very limiting and very fast paced—but what it did was condition me to make quality work quickly. Since Vistaprint sells template designs, making them was challenging because you're not designing for one specific company, you're designing for an entire industry. To create something that had the balance of a customized look but could work for nearly anyone was daunting at times, but now I feel when I get regular clients it's much easier to conceptualize a design because I can design for their industry, and their company/business.